18th International Psycho Oncology Society Congress. 17th – 21st October 2016 Dublin, Ireland.

Ireland is a creative and artistic haven where the concept of art as therapy forms part of the community and network of supports available to cancer patients. Art can help people express hidden emotions, and reduce stress, fear, and anxiety. More and more cancer patients and survivors are using creative arts therapies including music, art, dance, drama, and writing to help manage the emotional and psychological side effects that often result from cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The IPOS 2016 committee has put together a comprehensive arts programme to reflect the theme of the conference including an exhibition, lunchtime presentations and an evening film presentation event.

We would ask all attendees to fully explore the arts programme, support the presentations and engage with the themes
developed to address how we all can bridge the gap.

‘Psycho-Oncology: Science, Arts and Practice - Bridging the Gap’.



Thursday 20th 1.00pm – 1.40pm
O’Connell Suite

The Compassionate Communities Project is an initiative of Milford Care Centre. We are here to support people in the Mid-West to think a little differently about death, dying loss and grief. We encourage people to think about these issues as part of life, supporting people to plan ahead, talk to others and lend a hand to others who are living with illness or loss. An important part of our project is engaging with people in discussion about illness, death and dying. We do this by working with local communities in many different ways, one of which is a Café Conversation.

A Café Conversation brings people together to talk with each other in a meaningful way in calm and safe surroundings. Milford’s Compassionate Communities Project uses Café Conversation to bring together local communities to talk about death, dying, loss and care. We do this by facilitating a group to reflect on and discuss questions, engage in conversation and share experience, watch films and access useful resources.

A Café Conversation is designed to:
− Promote awareness and understanding of both Milford Care Centre and the Compassionate
− Communities Project;
− To share resources to help people engage in difficult conversations
− To understand and think about the importance of advance planning;

Facilitators: Dr Kathy McLoughlin, Rebecca Lloyd (Milford Care Centre)

Friday 21st 1.00pm – 1.40pm
O’Connell Suite

In autumn 2014 a group of volunteers from Northside Family Resource Centre applied for a Milford Hospice Compassionate Communities seed grant to stage a piece of theatre that would highlight the importance of thinking, talking and sharing our thoughts about the end of life. ‘taLK’, Think Ahead Limerick.

“taLK”; was written through workshop sessions between the actors and the writer. There was lots of laughter and some tears but what has emerged is a beautiful, witty and heartfelt piece, showing one woman’s journey through diagnosis to prognosis to living well and the wonderfully charismatic people she meets along the way.

‘taLK’ made its world premiere in the Northside Community and at Milford Hospice. The overall reaction was phenomenal.
“The play is brilliant. It touches on our deepest fears about life and death. And the real importance of the human
connection we all need at times of our greatest anxiety. It made me laugh and cry. It is about the simple and the profound
nature of communication, how it is so important for us all to recognise that we must connect with each other.” Senator
Marie-Louise O’ Donnell.

Cast: Marion Fenton, Margaret Fitzgerald, Stephanie Ryan, Jake Gilligan, Ann O’Carroll, Kathleen Allen, Maire O’Sullivan,
Maire Quinlivan.
Director: Karen Fitzgibbon

Wednesday 19th at 6.30pm
Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield Square, Dublin City

Film Screening 50/50
Adam is a 27 year old writer of radio programs and is diagnosed with a rare form of spinal cancer. With the help of his best friend, his mother, and a young therapist at the cancer centre, Adam learns what and who the most important things in his life are.
Following the film a panel of YouCan members and healthcare professionals will discuss the presentation with the audience, exploring the impact of a cancer diagnosis for young adults.

Lighthouse Cinema
A flower and fruit market in the 1700s, Smithfield Square situated in the heart of Dublin City has been transformed into an exciting civic space. It features the Light House Cinema, a specialist art house cinema committed to programming the best Irish and international films. The films they select serve to challenge audiences and encourage engagement with current aesthetic, political, social and cultural issues and trends.

This makes it the perfect venue for YouCan Ireland, the National Support Group for people who have been diagnosed with cancer in early adulthood to screen the film 50/50 and host a discussion around the gaps in services for people in their 20s 30s and 40s. Join us afterwards at the charming Oscar’s Café Bar for canapés and some Irish craic! There is no charge for the cinema event however, seating is limited so booking is essential.

Find out more about YouCan Ireland here: https://youcanireland.wordpress.com/ or follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/YouCanIreland

You must pre-register for this event by emailing your details to dthomas@irishcancer.ie




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